Water Drip Calculator

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration is proud to offer you the Water Drip Calculator to use daily, weekly, or monthly as needed. This Drip Calculator is a valuable asset for any home or business. After entering the number of drips per minute, you will be shocked at discovering just how much water can be saved by making a simple and relatively affordable repair most of the time by eliminating water drips and leaks that waste thousands of gallons of water per year. 

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Water Dripping Cannot Be Tolerated

Many people do not understand how thousands of gallons of water are wasted every year from water constantly dripping to the sewer drain. A water drip is so often dismissed as insignificant, and therefore the motivation to repair the drip is diminished or absent. People never see 10,000 gallons of water poured down their sewer drain at one shot. They see a small drip from a faucet that doesn’t appear to amount to much water being wasted.

The average household wastes about 17 gallons of water per day from a dripping or leaking faucet, shower, tub, water heater, or toilet in dire need of repair.  A faucet dripping slowly at only one drop every two seconds will waste more than 1,000 gallons per year. Toilets are one the most common sources of leaks in the home and usually go unnoticed because the leaks are often silent and out of view.

Other sources for water dripping are not as obvious, such as whole-house humidifiers, evaporative coolers, and pool and fountain leaks. We all know that water is one of our most valuable resources, and we can no longer afford to waste water because of procrastination, prioritization, or pondering. We must take action to stop the drip or leak that wastes water. Click this link for additional information on how to discover water dripping sources and possible fixes: https://www.home-water-works.org/indoor-use/leaks

Drips per Minute (small/slower leaks) Simply count the number of drips in one minute from the leaky fixture. Note: 5 drips per second amounts to a steady stream.
Enter number of drips per minute into the box below and click "Calculate."
Gallons Wasted/Day
Gallons Wasted/Month*
Gallons Wasted/Year
"Bucket and Stopwatch Method" (large/more rapid leaks) Hold an eight ounce cup under the dripping fixture and, with a stopwatch, time how long it takes to fill the cup.
Enter the total time in seconds into the box below and click "Calculate."
Gallons Wasted/Day
Gallons Wasted/Month*
Gallons Wasted/Year
*Assuming a 30 day month Please note! Proper operation requires Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 3.0 or higher. Information Source: Water Audits and Leak Detection 1990 American Water Works Association


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