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Water Fixers is Your Affordable Central Coast Electric Water Heater Installation, Water Heater Service, and Water Heater Electric Repair Plumber

Been thinking about changing your Gas Water Heater for an Electric Water Heater? Curious about what a Water Heater Electric installation might cost? Do you already own a Water Heater Electric appliance that is in need of repair? Is your old Electric Water Heater Tank Leaking? Water won’t stay Hot? Making weird noises? Looking for a trustworthy Electric Water Heater Installation and Repair Company? 

Just about anyone can replace a kitchen faucet if they have fundamental mechanical skills, but only a limited few such as your Water Fixers team of professional plumbers can guarantee a safe and legal water heater electric appliance installation and affordable electric water heater repair.

Water Fixers has the experience and is prepared to tackle any annoying Electric Water Heater Leak or Water Heater Electric appliance in need of repair. Because of our extensive years in service and repair work, our plumbing experts can often keep your existing electric water heater functioning satisfactorily so you don’t need to replace it when something goes wrong. This could save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in replacement costs. If your old water heater can be repaired, and it’s worth fixing, we will do everything possible to revive your electric water heater back to normal operating condition.

Water Fixers is Home Advisor's 2019 Best Central Coast Electric Water Heater Company

Our service technicians pride themselves on providing our residential and commercial customers with the professional results they expect when hiring experts like us. Everything in our power is used to make your job or project experience quick, pleasant, and affordable. Don’t accept botched repair work by unqualified and unlicensed individuals. We have helped thousands of satisfied Central Coast customers during the past 33 years resolve hot water heater issues and we can help you whenever you are ready. Call 805-928-6444 right now for a free electric water heater repair estimate.

Water Fixers has Water Heaters available in any size and configuration ranging from under-sink units to Water Heater Tankless units, and Electric Water Heaters. We have Water Heater Repair and Water Heater Installation for conventional Tank Type Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Boilers, Hybrid, Power Vent, and Electric Water Heaters. 

Electric Water Heater Services

Water Fixers Plumbers Install Tankless Water Heaters, Boilers, Hybrid, Power Vent, and Electric Residential and Commercial Water Heaters

Installing an Electric Water Heater for the first time may require an upgrade to your electrical panel due to the electrical requirements needed to ensure optimum heating results when more hot water flow is necessary. In most cases, a certified and licensed Electrical Contractor will be required to upgrade your electrical panel for proper voltage delivery to the Water Heater Electric Appliance.

The gallon size of the Electric Water Heater and Voltage requirements needed for your home or business will depend on the square footage size of the home or business structure. Also, the number of people using the appliance at the same time, the number of appliances and fixtures inside the home or business that supply hot water, and the temperature of the incoming water to the Water Heater Electric appliance. Once you decide the time is right for a new Electric Water Heater installation you will need your Central Coast Water Fixers expert Plumbers to guide you through the process of choosing the right size Water Heater Electric appliance for your home or business.

We are a Warranty Service Company for many Name Brands of Water Heaters that include A.O. Smith, American Water Heaters, Bradford White, GE, GE Geospring, Kenmore, Navien, Noritz, Rinnai, Rheem, Richmond, State, Sears, and Takagi just to mention a few.

Call us right now for an uninterrupted hot water service! Call 805-928-6444 or send an email information@waterfixers.com for immediate help.


When your Water Heater Electric appliance has gone bad, you will need a reputable and reliable Plumber to help repair it. A Water Heater Electric appliance can be more complicated to diagnose if it ceases to work, and you will need the expertise of a trained plumber to properly diagnose and repair the electric water heater to your complete satisfaction. When you have an emergency like your Electric Water Heater is Leaking, or the circuit breaker inside your electrical panel keeps tripping off, or the water doesn’t get hot, and you need urgent assistance, Call 805-928-6444 or send an email information@waterfixers.com for immediate help.

When you want to switch out your conventional gas Water Heater with an Electric Water Heater, you will want the assistance of the highly skilled plumbers at Water Fixers to have a successful Electric Water Heater installation. 


Water Fixers is the only dual licensed Plumbing and Water Filtration Contractor in Santa Maria and on the Central Coast and we have earned a reputation as being the Fix-It-All Plumbers for any Residential or Commercial Electric Water Heater Leaking, Electric Water Heater Repair, or Electric Water Heater Installation. We install ALL manufactured brands of Water Heater Electric appliances such as Bradford-White, A.O. Smith, and others for reliable and long-term service. We prioritize the repair or replacement of your Electric Water Heater in a quick and pain-free manner so it does not inconvenience you with cold showers or having to shut down your business.

If you are pre-planning a new Water Heater Installation or just decided today you want to replace your old Water Heater our expert team of experienced Water Heater Installation Pros will ensure you receive a high quality, code-compliant, competitive and satisfactory installation.

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Whether you need assistance with a Water Heater, Leak, Plumbing, Drain, or Water Filtration issue, our team of qualified and talented technicians will provide an affordable and satisfactory result every time we work for you. We take pride in the work we perform and are dedicated to meeting all your expectations. We guarantee the best Plumbing experience you will ever have!


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