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Internal Water, Gas, & Sewer Plumbing Repipe Specialists to Repipe a House or Business

When water and gas leaks become evident and not repaired promptly, there can be consequential and expensive damage caused to a structure or property, serious injuries can happen, and it could subject you to health risks from mold and bacteria for many years to come. At this point, the need to repipe a house or commercial building’s plumbing is imminent, and our Repipe Plumbers here at Water Fixers are available for a complete repipe plumbing of your entire plumbing infrastructure.

When Water Fixers Repipe Plumbers repipe the plumbing in a house, we include replacing the shower and bath valves, the hot and cold water shutoff valves under all the sinks and toilets, the shut-off valve to the water heater, the outside hose faucets, and the main shutoff valve and pressure regulator for the primary water supply line entering the house. Every repipe plumbing job or project is performed to all plumbing code standards, and all work will pass inspection when completed.

Water Fixers repipe plumbers specialize in your more complex repipe Plumbing and Water Filtration jobs and projects that an individual plumber and most plumbers don’t have the resources to tackle because of a lack of equipment, experience, plumber employees, or being able to finish your job in a reasonable time. We must do everything possible to stop water leaks as quickly as possible to prevent thousands of gallons of waste and protect your property. Natural Gas or Propane Gas leaks are dangerous and need immediate repair because of the toxifying fumes, it releases and the potential for a deadly explosion.

Water Fixers water, gas, and sewer repipe specialists offer professional and satisfactory results with Fast Response Times, Top Quality Workmanship, Reasonable Pricing, and Outstanding Reviews. We have the skills and experience proven over 33 years with Thousands of satisfied Central Coast Residents that Water Fixers is your smart choice to repipe a house or commercial building plumbing with guaranteed satisfactory results.

Internal Water, Gas, & Sewer re-pipes

The Water Fixers Repipe Specialists are EXPERT Repipe Plumbers for old leaking water lines, gas lines, and sewer lines for any Home or Commercial building structure. When we repipe plumbing, we use the latest piping, valve, and fitting material approved by national, state, and county agencies. Newer-designed pipe and fittings such as cross-linked polyethylene, otherwise known as Aquapex, CPVC, Corrugated Stainless Steel, and a new style of Copper crimp fittings have revolutionized the plumbing industry. These new and exciting products decrease installation time. Some are less expensive than their older technology alternatives and provide many years of reliable service when you repipe a house or commercial building.

After years of service, every home and commercial building’s internal gas, water, and sewer plumbing infrastructure will need a complete repipe because of deterioration from old age. Most of the material used will last 25-50 years before it cracks, splits, or breaks apart, requiring immediate repipe plumbing before leaks show up and cause structural damage to the facility and the personal property contained inside.

Gas Line Repipe

Old Black Iron and Galvanized Steel Gas Lines deteriorate and rot over many years of being buried in the ground or exposed to environmental elements. The gas lines crack, split, or sometimes blow apart at the weakest point, and then a hazardous and life-threatening hazard unveils. Unlike water leaks, gas leaks can cause an explosion, and the fumes are toxifying to the human body. Moisture or water seeping into a gas line also presents a potentially hazardous situation and will prevent gas from being transferred to your home or commercial structure. Trying to repair or “Patch” a compromised gas line usually is a temporary band-aide for a long-term problem. If your home or structure is more than 40 years old, you are a positive candidate for a gas supply repipe.

Sewer Line Repipe

Most sewer drain lines that need a complete repipe for a home or commercial building are located externally and buried below grade surface. Sometimes Internal sewer drain line replacement occurs when a house or commercial building embarks on a major renovation project, and you remove the slab foundation. You would then excavate the ground below to expose the old sewer drain infrastructure. When sewer drain lines are exposed under a sub-floor or raised foundation crack, split, or break apart at a joint of the pipe’s lateral run, then the lines need repair or replacement. This can also apply to Vent lines in walls, ceilings, and attics. Please visit our page on Utility Line Repairs for more information on primary sewer line replacement.

Water Line Repipe

Galvanized Steel water lines have been used inside homes and commercial structures for over 100 years and are still being used today. When steel water pipes get old, they blister and corrode from the inside out and then crack, split, blow apart, and leak. Water pressure and flow rates can become restricted, or have a severe loss of pressure, leaving a rust color when being dispensed. Older steel pipe has high lead content levels that leach into the water stream causing permanent and long-term health threats, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Garrick diseases.

Copper water lines have been the preferred material for water plumbing installations during the past 50 years because it does not contain lead, is pliable compared with steel pipe and PVC pipe, and is easy to solder and assemble, reducing installation time. Copper water lines have a reduced wall thickness compared to other materials used for water transfer. Over the years, the copper wall becomes thinner, pliable, pitted, and eventually springs a leak causing extensive damage. Water pressure is either restricted or a total loss of pressure and water flow could occur.

PVC water lines are now the preferred material choice to deliver water from a water meter or well pump to a home or commercial building. They are also used in mainstream irrigation systems. PVC pipe is not allowed under a cement slab, under a sub-floor, inside walls, or up in an attic due to Building Code restrictions. PVC pipe is for underground burial and not exposed to the elements. Over time the PVC pipe and fittings will become brittle, crack, break, or split apart causing expensive water damage.

Trusted Repipe Specialists Available For Gas, Water, & Sewer Repipe Plumbing


When you repipe a house or commercial building’s plumbing with our repipe plumbers, you revitalize the plumbing function, increase water pressure, and ensure health and safety for all involved. If your home or structure is over 40 years old, you are a positive candidate for our repipe specialists to repipe the entire water, gas, or sewer plumbing supply lines. Water Fixers repipe plumbers can replace any damaged water line, gas line, and sewer line issue you are experiencing by calling us right now at (805) 928-6444.

We pride ourselves on serving you, and all the Central Coast with the professional results you expect with every repipe plumbing project. We do everything in our power to make your experience as quick, pleasant, and affordable as possible when you repipe the plumbing of a house or building. We have helped thousands of satisfied customers during the past 33 years, and we can definitely help you.

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