Natural Gas is Out – Electric Heat Pump is In

Gas Fired Water Heaters will be extinct in 5 years, and soon we all will be upgrading to Electric appliances such as Heat Pump Water Heaters.

Disagree with it, like it, love it, or hate it. California Legislature and the Federal Government are force-feeding “Renewable Energy” down our California throats. We have enjoyed the luxury of low-cost natural gas fuel for many years, but the climate has changed. Electrification is the new hip term for converting natural gas users into electric-charged users.

We here at Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration work daily to become your “Green Certified” and compliant Central Coast Plumbing Company and to keep you adequately informed of the radical changes heading our way. Our products and services simplify the transition to Green Energy appliances. As part of our commitment, we are the first Central Coast Plumber to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to a Heat Pump Water Heater for the most affordable cost ever. If your current Water Heater leaks, runs out of hot water or is getting old, there’s never been a better time to upgrade. The State, Feds, and some Utility Companies offer substantial rebates that might inspire you to upgrade if you’ve been contemplating a more energy-efficient hot water appliance. 

Check out this update from the California Air Resources Board for additional information: Zero-Emission Appliance Standards | California Air Resources Board

Don’t wait until the last minute and get bombarded with high costs and fees to switch to a Heat Pump Water Heater. Call Water Fixers now at (805) 928-6444 or email us at 

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