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Apartments, Condos, Houses, Hotels, Manufacturers, Malls, Property Managers, Realtors, Restaurants, Stores, Wineries, etc.
Water Heater Service

Tank Type Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters, Boilers, and Heat Exchanger Repair and Installation

Leak Detection Services

Water Leaks, Gas Leaks, and Sewer Leak Detection and Locating, and Leak Repair, and Installation

Sewer Drain Service

Sewer Drain Cleaning, Repair, and Locating, and Installation of Storm Drains and French Drains

Plumbing Services

Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Showers, Disposals, Regulators, Tubs, Water Heaters, Pumps, Valves, Re-pipes

Water Filtration and Softening Systems

Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, Filters, Distillers, SALT-FREE Conditioners, Water Coolers

Main Utility Water, Gas, & Sewer External Re-pipe

External Main Water Line, Main Gas Line, and Main Sewer Drain Line Repair and Re-pipe Replacement

Main Water, Gas, & Sewer Internal Re-pipe

Internal Residential and Commercial Water, Gas, and Sewer Drain Plumbing Line Repair and Re-pipe

Bathroom Remodel & Kitchen Upgrade

Kitchen and Bathroom Fixture, Appliance, Plumbing, Gas, & Sewer Drain Repair and Installation

Well Water Filtration and Sanitation

Filtration Systems, Filter Cartridges, Oxidation Systems, Sterilization, Pumps, and Storage Tanks

Well Water Pressure Pumps & Storage Tanks

Pressure Pumps, Atmospheric and Pressure Tanks, Floats, Switches, Valves, Repair, and Installation


Water Fixers is the Central Coast’s premier service and repair dealer for any model of GE Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis system. We stock a large selection of Factory Replacement Parts and can special order just about any part or filter cartridge. We are your only one stop repair company on the Central Coast.


Sears may be gone but Water Fixers continues to service and repair any model of Sears Water Softener or Reverse Osmosis system. We stock a large selection of Factory Replacement Parts and can special order just about any part or filter cartridge. We are your only one stop repair company on the Central Coast.


When surfing on the internet and you search for plumbing services near me, drain service near me, water heater service near me, water filtration services near me, or leak detection services, you want a Central Coast plumber offering plumbing services who is reliable, skilled in the plumbing trade, affordable, guarantee their work, and has lots of excellent reviews for your complete satisfaction. You just discovered Water Fixers.

While searching for drain service near me, do you want Fast Response Times? When clicking on the water heater service near me, do you want High-Quality Workmanship? When surfing on websites for water filtration services near me, do you expect Reasonable Pricing? When needing leak detection services, do you like Outstanding Reviews? GOOD NEWS! We are your Water Fixers Plumbing and Filtration Plumbers, the Home Advisor 2019 Best Central Coast Plumbing Service and Repair Company.

We’re not just Plumbers you’ll find when searching for plumbing services near me, drain service near me, water heater service near me, water filtration services near me, or leak detection services. We are highly trained plumbing specialists. Just as there are specialists in the medical field trained for a particular branch of medicine, surgery, or diagnostics, your expert Plumbers and Water Filtration Pros at Water Fixers are also trained and experienced with the more difficult, complex, medium, to larger jobs or projects. Anyone can change a Garden Hose Faucet, but can they Re-pipe an entire building?


Water Fixers Plumbers can fix any Water Heater, find Water and Gas Leaks, clear clogged Sewer Drains, repair and replace Plumbing Fixtures, re-pipe internal and external Water, Gas, and Sewer Drain lines, Remodel Kitchen and Bathrooms, repair and replace Pressure Pumps and Tanks, and treat even the toughest city and well water conditions with our exclusive Water Filtration Systems. 

By calling us right now at (805) 928-6444 you will begin the best plumbing services experience of your life. We are the only dual licensed Plumbing and Water Filtration Contractor in Santa Maria and the Central Coast. Hence, we are more capable of helping to resolve your issues than any other person or company when you search for Plumbing Services, Drain Service Near Me, Water Heater Service Near Me, Water Filtration Services Near Me, and Leak Detection Services. You can Trust Water Fixers.

Your Water Fixers team of experts specializes in more complex Plumbing Services and Water Filtration Services for jobs and projects that an individual plumber and most plumbers don’t have the resources to tackle. Generally, they lack the equipment, experience, employees, or ability to finish your job in a reasonable time. Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation, Leak Detection, Water Filtration, Internal Plumbing Re-pipes, External Utility Line Plumbing Re-pipes, Bathroom Remodels, Well Water Filtration Systems, and Pressure Pumps, separates us from the average Plumber and Company.

Benefits of Hiring A Water Fixers Licensed Contractor

Whether you need assistance with a Water Heater, Leak, Plumbing, Drain, or Water Filtration issue, our team of qualified and talented technicians will provide an affordable and satisfactory result every time we work for you. We take pride in the work we perform and are dedicated to meeting all your expectations. We guarantee the best Plumbing experience you will ever have!


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