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Water Fixers Drain Cleaning, Video Inspection, and Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

When surfing the internet for drain cleaner specialists near me, you will find Water Fixers drain cleaning experts are your Home Advisor’s 2019 Best Central Coast drain cleaner. Using a drain snake to clear a clogged sewer line needs professionally trained drain cleaner experts to ensure a safe, successful, and satisfactory outcome.

When your sewer line is clogged, and you have fecal matter and toilet paper coming out of your shower stall, you will need your Water Fixers drain cleaning company who offers Fast Response Times, Top Quality Workmanship, Reasonable Pricing, and Outstanding Reviews. Don’t panic when feces and toilet paper fill your bathtub, shower, or overflows out of the toilet. You found the right drain cleaner company with the skills and experience to use a drain snake to clear those drains. We guarantee your complete satisfaction, and for over 33 years, Thousands of satisfied Central Coast Residents and business owners agree that Water Fixers drain cleaning company is your smart choice.

Most of the material used to install sewer drain lines in a home or commercial structure will last 25-50 years before it cracks, splits, or breaks apart, which then requires immediate cleaning, repairing, or re-piping of the entire line. Old and antiquated sewer lines made from cast-iron pipe, transite pipe, Orangeburg pipe, clay, abs, and PVC eventually become clogged with root intrusion; they crack and break at the joints or collapse from excessive corrosion. Once roots take homestead inside your sewer lines, you need Water Fixers to clean them out. 

Water Fixers has the knowledge and experience to repipe main sewer drain lines when they are no longer capable of being cleaned and must be replaced. We offer both traditional excavation and direct line replacement or low-intrusive pipe bursting sewer drain line replacement.

Sewer & Drain Services

Expert Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services for the Central Coast by Your Water Fixers Pros

No matter how or why your drains clog you will need a professional drain cleaner to remove the obstruction and clear the sewer line. The sewer drain lines can also collapse and restrict the water flow to the primary sewer line in the middle of the street provided by the municipal district you live in. Only a licensed and certified drain cleaner can work on municipal drain cleaning projects. Also, if sewer drain pipes become offset at a joint and separate, you wind up with dirt in the line, and the flow of wastewater becomes restricted or even blocked.

 Sewer clogs and backed up drains are some of the grossest experiences we can have as humans. The visual aspect and awful odor are unbearable to deal with. You will need Professional Drain Cleaning Experts like our experienced team of qualified Drain Cleaner Technicians at Water Fixers to clear the clogged sewer line and keep your drains flowing.

An Arsenal of Technology to Clear Any Drain and Fix Any Drain and Sewer Problems

At Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration, we have 33 years of successful experience in drain cleaning, clearing, and unclogging sewer drain lines for Central Coast residents and business owners. We have also made sectional repairs to damaged sewer drain lines, replaced entire lengths of primary main sewer lines, and changed sewer drain lines’ orientation. We install clean-outs to allow easy and quick access to the main sewer line of the home or commercial facility to help our drain cleaner at Water Fixers get the drains flowing quicker when a clog happens.

Water Fixers drain cleaning pros can fix any sewer drain issue you are experiencing by Calling 805-928-6444 or send an email to information@waterfixers.com right now. We are Affordable and Reputable Water Fixers Plumbers and are skilled and trained Drain Cleaning EXPERTS, ready and waiting for your call to keep your drains flowing.

Sewer Drain Snake Machines, Hydro-Jetter, Video Camera, and Line Locating Equipment


When you call Water Fixers Drain Cleaning Plumbers for help, we have the latest equipment and technology available to resolve your sewer drain clog. We have heavy-duty sewer drain snake machines with large steel root cutters capable of removing roots and other debris from up to 6” diameter sewer drain pipe. We have a Hydro-Jetter that uses 2500 psi of water pressure and special dispersion nozzles to scrub the inside walls of up to 6“ diameter sewer drain pipe. We can remove grease, food, bacteria, dirt, mud, hair, fibrous roots, and other debris that would reduce or clog the flow of sewer water.

When we get called out multiple times for a repeat drain cleaning with the same customer, we realize there is a more serious issue that needs deeper investigation. We clear the clogged drain once again and then insert a Video Camera into the line to inspect for root intrusion or other kinds of damage. We then make the appropriate repairs for another happy client.

Getting Drains Cleared to Your Complete Satisfaction

Our service technicians pride themselves on providing our residential and commercial customers with the professional results they expect when hiring experts like us for every drain cleaner job or project. Everything in our power is used to make your drain cleaning job or project experience quick, pleasant, and affordable. We have helped thousands of satisfied Central Coast customers during the past 33 years resolve a gas, water, or sewer drain issue, and we can help clear your clogged sewer line when you call 805-928-6444. NO Breach or Blockage can stop us drain cleaner pros from making your drains flow.

Key Benefits of Our Services

Whether you need assistance with a Water Heater, Leak, Plumbing, Drain, or Water Filtration issue, our team of qualified and talented technicians will provide an affordable and satisfactory result every time we work for you. We take pride in the work we perform and are dedicated to meeting all your expectations. We guarantee the best Plumbing experience you will ever have!


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