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Water Testing

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration has been offering affordable water testing to homeowners and business owners for over 33 years. We offer a water test kit for both private well water and municipal city water, and there are several specific kits to choose from and extend test results beyond minimum potable standards.

Water Fixers Certified Well and City Water Test Kit is Affordable and Accurate

At Water Fixers, We understand the critical role that a properly functioning sewer system plays in maintaining a clean and healthy home. Our sewer drain services encompass everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. We are equipped to handle blockages, backups, and other sewer-related issues efficiently, ensuring your home’s plumbing system operates smoothly.

Sewer blockages can be a major inconvenience and lead to unpleasant odors and potential health hazards. Our team uses advanced techniques and equipment, such as video camera inspections, to accurately diagnose and address the root cause of blockages. Whether it’s tree roots infiltrating the pipes or accumulated debris, we provide effective solutions to clear your drains and restore proper flow.

Emergency sewer repairs are another crucial aspect of our service. Sewer problems can escalate quickly, causing extensive damage to your property. Our emergency response team is available around the clock to tackle urgent issues promptly. We employ state-of-the-art technology and methods to repair sewer lines efficiently, minimizing the impact on your home and daily life.

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding sewer drain issues. Regular inspections and cleaning can help identify potential problems before they escalate. Our maintenance services include thorough cleaning and inspections to keep your sewer system in optimal condition. With Water Fixers, you can rest assured that your sewer drains are in expert hands, providing you with peace of mind.

When water precipitates from the atmosphere, it is in the purest form of H2O. On the ascension to earth, the water becomes contaminated with solid particles, liquid particles, and toxic gases from the automotive exhaust, airplane exhaust, manufacturing plant exhaust, stoves, fireplaces, cigarette smoke, fireworks, dust, pollen, mold spores, volcanoes, wildfires, and other sources. When the water hits the ground surface and permeates deep below the ground, it picks up contaminants from animal fecal matter, crop dusting, forest fires, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, surface trash, and others. 

City, County, and State water districts only test for a handful of Organic Matter, Cyst water, Bacteria water, and Inorganic Matter before delivering water to your home or business. Our modern-day Water Treatment plants do not have the filtration equipment or financial resources to test for all these toxic contaminants and then filter them out. If you have a private rural water supply, the odds of having bacteria water and cyst water are much higher than if you have municipal water.

The Many Organizations We've Worked For

Diverse Water Testing Labs and Water Test Kit Services for Well Water and City Water Water Testing Labs and Water Test Kit Services

Water Test Kit and Water Test Kits for VOC’s, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Inorganic Chemicals, Minerals, Pesticides Well Water Testing: (all water test kit and water test kits can be EPA certified for an additional fee)

Private well water is unregulated by Federal or State Water Testing Standards (although a few states are regulating it), so it is the homeowner or business owner’s responsibility to make sure their water coming from a private well is potable. The City, County, or State only tests most wells for Bacteria. While Bacteria pose an immediate health risk, other contaminants can cause illness when exposed to slight amounts over a lengthy period. Arsenic, Uranium, Lead, and VOC’s are examples of long-term contaminant exposure that cause health concerns.

City Water Testing: (all water test kit and water test kits can be EPA certified for an additional fee)
Public or Municipal Water Supplies (city water) must comply with the “MINIMUM” Federal Drinking Water Standards Act for the water quality as it leaves the treatment facility. After they validate the minimum drinking water standards, there is no further water testing performed. With almost all Municipal water supplies, the water runs through miles of pipes throughout the distribution system before reaching the destination point. Some of this piping may contain lead, copper, asbestos, VOC’s and other contaminants.

Comprehensive Water Testing: (all water test kit and water test kits can be EPA certified for an additional fee)
Extended range water testing is available for individuals with complex and severe water problems or who want complete information to better judge how to approach securing the safety of their water. Comprehensive water tests allow equipment used that can determine optimum results for targeted contaminants.

Quick Test Series Testing: (all water test kit and water test kits can be EPA certified for an additional fee)
Quick series water testing provides water analysis results within 2-3 business days from receipt of the water sample from water testing labs. These tests are an excellent tool for home inspectors or realtors involved with home sales. These tests can provide quick answers to essential water quality questions in the home or business when time is essential.

Miscellaneous Water Testing: (all water test kit and water test kits can be EPA certified for an additional fee)

A wide range of miscellaneous water testing is available on request.

Stop Living With Gross Tap Water and Call Your Water Fixers Experts For The Remedy

Water Fixers can fix any water issue you are experiencing by calling us right now at (805) 928-6444. Water Fixers is the only local independent company to Service and Repair GE and Sears Water Softeners. We specialize in Soft Water, Purified Water, Distilled Water, Ozone Systems, Ultra-Violet Light Systems, Problem Water Systems, and much more. We manufacture our own brand of Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems and Water Softeners, proudly representing American-Made products. We have Filter Cartridges for just about every brand of Reverse Osmosis system and parts for almost every brand of Water Softener. We offer every conceivable solution available for the best Water Filtration experience you will ever have!

Whole House and Commercial Systems for Contaminants, Chemicals, and Gases

Water Fixers designs and installs target specific Automated Water Contaminant Filtration Systems to address larger flow rates and volumes of water for residential homes and commercial buildings. Our Water Fixers problem water Filtration Systems use a variety of patented filtration materials to address individual contaminants such as Nitrates, Arsenic, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, VOCs, and other gases from Shower, Bath, and Laundry water. Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Manufacturers, Schools, and many other organizations use our VOC and Hydro-carbon Gas removal filtration systems to protect their clients and employees from exposure to health-compromising contaminants.

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Whether you need assistance with a Water Heater, Leak, Plumbing, Drain, or Water Filtration issue, our team of qualified and talented technicians will provide an affordable and satisfactory result every time we work for you. We take pride in the work we perform and are dedicated to meeting all your expectations. We guarantee the best Plumbing experience you will ever have!

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We are proud to have earned the trust and confidence of our customers through our commitment to excellence and exceptional service.