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When You're Fed Up With Well Pressure Low Output Call The Water Fixers Pros

When your Well Pump has low pressure or no pressure, you will need the experienced and qualified Well Pump experts at Water Fixers to help resolve the issue. When hiring a Well Pressure Low Systems Expert, you will find Water Fixers gets the Job Done Quick, provides Top Quality Workmanship, offers Reasonable Pricing, and has many Outstanding Reviews. Water Fixers will give your private well water system such a boost you think you moved back to the city. For 33 years we are the low well water pressure fixer for the Central Coast, and we’ve proved it.

Many residential homes and commercial buildings with their own well pump, well pressure tank, and well pressure switch has Well Pressure Low problems. This low water pressure output affects the water flow of toilets, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, laundry machines, faucets, irrigation systems, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, water softeners, well water filtration systems, and other water dispensing fixtures and equipment. Dealing with the hassle of low water pressure hits the hardest when running multiple appliances, fixtures, and irrigation simultaneously.

You shouldn’t put up with a low well water pressure system. You shouldn’t have to spend countless hours of extensive research to find a company that will take extra time to analyze your water flow requirements and install a well water pump and well pressure tank that will meet your expectations today and many years to come. Water Fixers has done the work for you and we have the equipment to increase the pressure that mimics city water pressure.

We at Water Fixers have never understood why Well Drilling Contractors and Irrigation Contractors install undersized Sump Pumps and Booster Pumps on so many rural well-water homes and buildings when they know the water pressure will not satisfy the homeowner or property owner. We can only assume these contractors’ prime motive is to sell equipment at any cost to make a sale regardless of the performance and satisfactory outcome.

Well Pressure Low Systems

When Your Well Pressure Tank is Ruptured, and Storage Tank is Rotted Call Water Fixers

Besides having well pressure low output problems, many rural well water systems do not have large enough storage tanks for potable water, utility water, irrigation water, and fire suppression systems. Our Water Fixers Plumbing and Filtration Team calculates the deficiency in your water storage system and either changes the existing storage system to a larger tank or adds separate storage tanks for each water use. Our certified Plumbers can install the entire piping infrastructure necessary to supply water in and out of the storage tanks or well pressure tank and install the floats, safety switches, pressure switches, check valves, and other hardware.

Water is one of the most important utilities for any home or business and is often taken for granted about its delivery, pressure, and storage capacity. With a private rural well water supply, the quality of water you use is in your hands, the homeowner or property owner. That’s why you need Water Fixers Plumbers, and Well Water Filtration System experts to help guide you through modifying your well water pressure system when you are ready for change.  Call 805-928-6444 or send an email to information@waterfixers.com for immediate help.

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Water Fixers Cures Your Well Pressure Low Ailments and Keeps You Flowing

Water Fixers Plumbing & Well Water Filtration System experts have helped thousands of Central Coast Residents solve the most difficult Well Water problems for over 33 years. We are specialists in Well Water Filtration System design and implementation, and no one else compares to our Wisdom and Knowledge. As stated, we are specialists at upgrading and installing Booster Pumps, Pressure Tanks, Pressure Switches, and Floats of any type, size, shape, or material for any Rural Water application. Whether you are replacing a Well Pump for higher flow rates and higher delivery pressure, or the Motor of your old well pump short-circuited, or the parts inside of your old pump just wore out, we can help. We also offer Specialty Well Water Filtration System equipment custom-designed for each unique water quality.


Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration We can get rid of Iron Stains, Rotten Egg Sulfur Smell, Acidic Water, Nitrates, Manganese, Lead, and many other nasty contaminants. Water Fixers can fix any rural well water issue you are experiencing by calling us right now at (805) 928-6444. We are the only dual licensed Plumbing and Water Filtration Contractor in Santa Maria and the Central Coast, so we are more qualified to resolve your issues. We have earned a reputation as being the Fix-It-All Plumbers. Affordable and Reputable Water Fixers Plumbers are skilled and trained EXPERTS, ready and waiting for your call to keep your water safe and enjoyable. Water Fixers has the expertise and experience to supply great water pressure for an affordable and reasonable investment.

Water Fixers Extra Well Water Pressure & Water Filtration System Information

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration provides all Central Coast residents with the most diverse selection of Well Water Filtration equipment to tackle any problem water issue. Our 33 years of proven results and thousands of satisfied clients validate our credentials as the “Fix-It-All” company for any water problem.

Arsenic, Nitrates, Iron, Manganese, Lead, Sulfur Gas, and other dissolved particles can plague private well water with destructive and unhealthy contaminants. Every Private Water Supply has a unique water quality identity and no two individual wells are the same. To determine the level of contamination in your water source, water testing is a smart investment to discover if harmful contaminants have tainted your water.

Private Wells containing toxic Ingredients can deteriorate Plumbing infrastructure, Appliances, and Fixtures inside and outside of a home or business. Water Fixers use custom-tailored automated filtration systems to remove these harmful imperfections. Our automatic systems eliminate messy and relentless servicing while providing years of cost-effective, satisfactory results.

Most consumers don’t know how dangerous Nitrates, Manganese, Arsenic, Radon, Iron, Sulfur, Lead, and other dissolved solids can be to their health. Water Fixers can remedy any of these issues with Filters, Filtration Systems, and Sanitation Systems that offer peace of mind only attainable with our 33 years of expert water filtration experience. Call now to see how Water Fixers can improve the quality of your water.

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration offers all Central Coast Residents a diverse and extensive inventory of Well Water Filter Cartridges to address many well water contaminant problems. Filter cartridges are often the first attempt to solve problem water issues for an economical cost before taking a more extreme approach.

Point of Entry Filter Cartridges are larger than Point of Use Cartridges and offer higher flow rates with lower pressure drops. They are for removing larger, precipitated particles that may or may not be visible to the human eye and are no longer diluted in the water supply. These particles include contaminants such as Sediments, Sand, Ferric Iron, Sulfides, Manganese, and other precipitants. Water Fixers stocks an enormous selection of filter cartridges for Point of Entry systems.

Point of Use Filter Cartridges is used to target more specific toxins with much finer filtration characteristics such as Cysts, Silt, Clay, VOC’s, and Hydro-Carbon Gases. We use these filters in Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, and single dispensing appliances and fixtures like faucets, ice machines, coffee urns, and other dispensers.

Water Fixers
understands that people expect diversity when shopping for a filter cartridge, so we stock the largest variety of advanced Point of Use cartridges anywhere on the Central Coast.

Because of our 33 years of outstanding service Water Fixers is as an Official Warranty Servicer and Replacement Center for various Name Brands of Filter Cartridges that include: Aqua-Pure, Fiberdyne, Filmtec, FSI, Harmsco, Hydranautics, KX Industries, Multi-Pure, Omnipure, Pentek, Pall, Tri-Sep, and Unicel just to mention a few. Because of our vast knowledge in the water filter industry, we have earned a reputation as the “Fix-it-All” Plumbing Company for the Central Coast and continue offering products superior in performance yet economical for everyone.

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration has over 33 years of well water treatment experience. Our clients refer to us as the “Fix-it-All” Water Treatment Company on the Central Coast. During the past 33 years, we have installed several Oxidation and Sterilization systems for many Central Coast well water projects.

Oxidation chemical technology such as Ozone Gas, Peroxide Injection, Chlorine Injection, and Manganese Oxides aid Filtration Systems in capturing and removing more unsafe and unwanted contaminants from water than systems that do not use oxidation technologies. The additional oxidative power can also sterilize bacteria, cysts, fungi, algae, and other waterborne pathogens. Non-chemical sterilization technologies such as Ultra-Violet Light systems also destroy cysts and bacteria within the water stream when applied and also used in tandem with oxidative systems.

Well Water contaminants are far too difficult to remove with standard filter cartridges, and in most cases, even Automated Backwash Filtration systems cannot remove these harsh contaminants when installed as a stand-alone system. Water Fixers realizes that oxidation systems can enhance Backwash Filtration systems performance and we offer this technology with every complete system we install.

For over 33 years Water Fixers Oxidation systems have been custom built and designed for addressing each unique well water contaminant issue to assist with the removal of these pollutants. The oxidation process has perpetual catalytic momentum that increases the success ratio of removing well water contaminants by as much as 200% when combined with automated backwash filtration systems.

Water Fixers Oxidation systems are automatic to reduce maintenance intervals for the homeowner or business owner. Many of Water Fixers’ oxidation and sterilization system designs offer low-cost maintenance once installed. These systems are a larger investment up front when compared to purchasing standard Filter Cartridges but far exceed their return on investment by not paying for throw away filter cartridges.

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration is an Official Warranty Servicer and Repair Center for many Name Brands of Oxidation System Components such as Absolute Ozone, Automated Pure Water Inc., Blue-White, Del Ozone, Flowrox, LMI, Ozone Pure Water, Prominent, Stenner, Sterilight, Trojan UV, Wedeco UV and many more.

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration repairs and installs Pressure Pumps and Booster Pumps for Rural and Municipal residents of the Central Coast for over 33 years. Most people refuse to believe that such a simple investment and fundamental upgrade such as installing a larger pump can make such a positive improvement in their lifestyle at home or at work. Many people living with private well water supplies “Limp” along with low water pressure and flow rates just because they are not informed or given the choice to upgrade their pressure pump and pressure system. You then live a life stuck in a low-pressure rut because the professionals you trusted when your Pressure Pump was first installed did not size your pump appropriately. The so-called professionals were not ethical enough to educate you and allow you the opportunity to make an informed decision for a bigger pump.

At Water Fixers, we offer you multiple alternatives in Horsepower, Stages of Centrifugal Boost, and various materials of Pump Construction for the most reliable and enjoyable method of transferring your water from your storage tank to your home or facility! Water Fixers also install Booster and Sump Pump Pressure Switches that have failed because of old age or environmental hazards. Water Fixers install Low Water Level Float assemblies to prevent Booster Pumps from running and burning up the pump head when storage tank water levels drop below safe pumping heights. We also install High Pump Level Floats and Inlet Water Solenoid Valves when they stop working because of old age.

Water Fixers
is registered as an Official Warranty Servicer and Replacement Center for various Name Brands of Pressure Pumps and Sump Pumps that include: Amtrol, Armstrong Pumps, Berkeley Pumps, Flojet, Franklin Electric, Goulds, and Grundfos just to mention a few. The choice is logical. Call Water Fixers if you want higher pressure, better flow, and happier life!

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration has installed Atmospheric storage tanks and Pressurized storage tanks for many Central Coast well water clients for over 33 years. We have earned a reputation as being the Fix it All Water Treatment company because of the number of satisfied customers we’ve helped get more efficient and cost-effective water storage solutions. Whether you are replacing a storage tank to increase the total storage volume capacity, or you want higher water pressure to your home or building, or your old tank is leaking, Water Fixers has the expertise and experience to make a new tank installation a competitive and satisfying experience. 

Biofilm, Bacteria, Sludge, and other precipitants will leave the inside of your storage in an unhealthy condition. Water Fixers offers storage tank cleaning services to keep your tank sanitary and free of debris. Over many years of storing water in tanks without proper sanitation with Chlorine, Peroxide, or Ozone Gas, they become contaminated with Bacterial Sludge, Manganese, Iron, and Sulfur Precipitants. These contaminants pose an imminent health threat and the tanks need routine cleaning to keep the health risk at a minimum.

With atmospheric storage tanks, we wash and rinse the bottom of the tank and sidewalls to remove the debris that has contaminated the water. With pressurized bladder tanks, Chlorine or Peroxide is used to oxidize the film inside of the bladder for a duration of 1-2 hours and then rinsed to remove the remaining oxidant. This routine maintenance will help keep your storage tanks clean and sanitary. 

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration is an official Warranty Servicer and Replacement Center for various name brands of Atmospheric and Pressure Tanks that include: Ace Roto-Mold, Amtrol, Armstrong Pumps, Bell & Gossett, Custom Roto-Mold, Flexcon Industries, Norwesco, Poly-Mart, Wessels and many more.

Call Water Fixers today to keep you flowing in safe and clean water.

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration custom manufactures Reverse Osmosis Purification systems for all Central Coast well water clients. These include under-counter systems are used for Drinking and Cooking water, or house or commercial building systems for all potable water use and manufacturing process water applications.

Residential and business clients depend on Reverse Osmosis to protect their physical health and investment in the health of their residential or business property infrastructure. When total dissolved solids exceed acceptable limits of potable water safety, or corrode and destroy all the plumbing infrastructure, appliances, and fixtures, Reverse Osmosis is the cost-effective and proven technology to reduce or remove the excessive contaminates. Standard filter cartridges, oxidation systems, ion-exchange systems, and sterilization systems by themselves cannot remove the number of contaminants that Reverse Osmosis does.

As the “Fix-it-All” Central Coast well water treatment company for the past 33 years we have helped thousands of clients reduce or remove nasty well water contaminants such as Nitrates, Manganese, Arsenic, Radon, Iron, Sulfur, Lead, and other dissolved solids for a safer and more pleasurable water experience. Our custom made in the USA Reverse Osmosis systems are affordable for any home or business and will outperform any other competitor’s product!

Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration is registered as an Official Warranty Servicer and Repair Center for many Name Brands of Reverse Osmosis systems.

Whatever your water purification needs, Water Fixers are the solution.

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