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Cysts and Bacteria

Water Fixers manufactures the best quality Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for residential homes and commercial businesses to remove the cyst water and bacteria water contaminants that make tap water unsafe.

Water Cyst and Water Bacteria Removal for the Central Coast by Water Fixers Experts

When you suspect your city water or private well water might have water Cyst or water Bacteria present that are not healthy or safe for you to drink, cook, or shower with, you will want the quickest and most reliable method available to ensure your water is safe to use. You will need an experienced professional such as Water Fixers to assist you with the Cyst water and Bacteria water removal. Water Fixers offers expedited results, Top Quality Performance, Reasonable Pricing, and Outstanding Reviews.

Water Fixers Plumbing and Filtration has been filtering out Cyst water and Bacteria water for over 33 years, many years before cysts and bacteria were considered a national health crisis or discussed by news outlets. We have helped thousands of Central Coast homeowners and business owners remove contaminants such as water cyst and water bacteria from their water, and we’ll do the same for your home or business so you can enjoy the benefits of pure, safe, high-quality water.

New Water Cyst and Water Bacteria Discovery Alarms Millions of U.S. Citizens

In 1993, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, experienced the largest documented drinking water outbreak in US history. Over 400,000 people became infected with the Cryptosporidium parasite causing intestinal cramps, bloating, and watery diarrhea. They estimate the outbreak resulted in over $96 million in combined healthcare costs and job loss.

Research has found that certain parasites, bacteria, debris, and other microorganisms exist in many water supplies all over the United States. These include CryptosporidiumGiardia, and the newer protozoan discovered in the early 2000s, Cyclospora. Every year there are up to 12 million reported cases of waterborne gastrointestinal illnesses in the US. These illnesses happen by drinking contaminated water that contains cyst water, bacteria water, viruses, or other harmful elements.

Water Cyst and water Bacteria are microorganisms that you cannot see in the water, feel, or taste. It would be best if you did not assume that your tap water is free from bacteria and viruses as you cannot depend on your municipal water district to guarantee they are not present. And if you have your own private water source, the risk of consuming water infected with water cyst and water bacteria is elevated because of no sanitation.

Why Your Drinking, Cooking, and Bathing Water is Contaminated with Water Cyst and Water Bacteria

When water precipitates from the atmosphere, it is in the purest form of H2O. On the ascension to earth, the water becomes contaminated with solid particles, liquid particles, and toxic gases from the automotive exhaust, airplane exhaust, manufacturing plant exhaust, stoves, fireplaces, cigarette smoke, fireworks, dust, pollen, mold spores, volcanoes, wildfires, and other sources. When the water hits the ground surface and permeates deep below the ground, it picks up contaminants from animal fecal matter, crop dusting, forest fires, pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, surface trash, and others. 

City, County, and State water districts only test for a handful of Organic Matter, Cyst water, Bacteria water, and Inorganic Matter before delivering water to your home or business. Our modern-day Water Treatment plants do not have the filtration equipment or financial resources to test for all these toxic contaminants and then filter them out. If you have a private rural water supply, the odds of having bacteria water and cyst water are much higher than if you have municipal water.

The burden of removing these contaminants and ensuring you do not drink, cook, or bathe in water cyst and water bacteria falls upon you as the homeowner or business operator. This cyst water and bacteria water contaminants do not dissipate and dissolve away. You cannot procrastinate or wish the contamination would go away. You need to call the Experts at Water Fixers Plumbing and Filtration, to remove water cyst and water bacteria contaminants from your household or business water supply.

The Many Organizations We've Worked For

Water Fixers Filtration Systems Remove Infectious Gastrointestinal Cysts & Bacteria

Water Fixers manufactures the best quality Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems for residential homes and commercial businesses to remove the cyst water and bacteria water contaminants that make tap water unsafe. Our custom-built Reverse Osmosis systems utilize a Membrane Filter that uses water pressure from your home or building to squeeze out the bad water bacteria, water cyst, and viruses from the tap water and rinse them out to the drain. High purity water is now obtainable and affordable for less than 02 cents per gallon.

The 1/2 micron Carbon Impregnated Micro-fiber Pre-filters, pulverized Carbon Block Pre and post-filters, and .001 micron Membrane Filters used in our Reverse Osmosis systems remove Cysts, Bacteria, Sediments, Sand, Silt, Clay, Chlorine, Ammonia, Chloramines, Hydrocarbon Gases, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), and other inert compounds to provide a high purity drinking water. These are the only filter cartridges we have found for an affordable cost to reduce or totally remove cyst water and bacteria water.

Whole House and Commercial Building size Reverse Osmosis systems and target-specific Automated Water Contaminant Filtration Systems are available for filtration of water cyst and bacteria cyst for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, or process water on a larger scale. These systems use a variety of patented filtration materials and oxidation technology to address Cysts, Bacteria, Nitrates, Arsenic, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Sulfur, Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia, VOCs, and other gases from Shower, Bath, and Laundry water. Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Manufacturers, Schools, and many other organizations use our VOC and Hydro-carbon Gas removal filtration systems to protect their clients and employees from exposure to health-compromising contaminants.


Water Fixers Plumbing & Filtration are specialists in Water Filtration, and no one else compares to our Wisdom and Knowledge. Our Specialty Filtration Systems are custom designed and custom-built to handle any water quality we encounter. We can fix your water to rival Rain Water quality.

Water Fixers can fix any water issue you are experiencing by Calling 805-928-6444 or send an email to information@waterfixers.com for immediate help. We are the only dual licensed Plumbing and Water Filtration Contractor in Santa Maria and the Central Coast, so we are more qualified to help resolve your issues. We are also the only local independent company to Service and Repair GE and Sears Water Softeners, and we have Filter Cartridges for just about any Reverse Osmosis system and parts to repair just about any brand of Water Softener.

Beware of False Promises, Overused Cliches, and Huge Disappointments From Novices


MOST PLUMBERS AND GIGANTIC BOX STORES SELL WATER TREATMENT PRODUCTS JUST FOR THE INCOME and most of the time don’t understand what they are selling. They are uneducated and DO NOT POSSESS a C55 WATER TREATMENT LICENSE, therefore have no right to judge, comment, or recommend any water filtration product for you or your business! You need a licensed, experienced, and qualified expert like Water Fixers to help you make a logical choice for the best water filtration system to fulfill your pure water expectations.

Key Benefits of Our Services

Whether you need assistance with a Water Heater, Leak, Plumbing, Drain, or Water Filtration issue, our team of qualified and talented technicians will provide an affordable and satisfactory result every time we work for you. We take pride in the work we perform and are dedicated to meeting all your expectations. We guarantee the best Plumbing experience you will ever have!

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We are proud to have earned the trust and confidence of our customers through our commitment to excellence and exceptional service.